Sunday, 22 July 2012

One year - still here

It’s a year since I started this blog. I began it to create a space to write again. At the time, I wrote that I wanted to "to explore how putting two disparate items together can lead to a pattern, a picture, perhaps even ... a story."

Little did I imagine that writing this blog would pave the way for real, distinct and positive changes in my life. What am I on about? Well, as a direct result of my blog, I have:
  • Met and got to know some amazing writers
  • Founded and run a successful book festival
  • Featured in The Guardian
  • Started reviewing at Bookmunch
  • Been shortlisted for last year’s Manchester blog awards
  • Taught creative writing to local community groups
  • Survived losing my day job
  • Joined the wonderful bloggers’ network BlogNorth (still waiting for the badge, guys!)
  • Begun to feel part of a creative community locally
  • Begun to create a community of like-minded people around me
My modest aim has repaid me a thousand fold, and I hope has benefitted others too. Thankyou for reading and supporting this blog. I don’t know what next year brings, but I will keep writing, and try to stay open to possibilities and opportunities. Happy birthday, blog!